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'''Joachim Barrande''' (11 August 1799 – 5 October 1883) was a France|French geologist and palaeontologist. File:Joachim Barrande01.jpg|thumb|
Plate from ''Système silurien du centre de la Bohême'' Barrande was born at Saugues, Haute Loire, and educated in the École Polytechnique and École des ponts ParisTech|École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées at Paris. Although he had received the training of an engineer, his first appointment was that of tutor to the duc de Bordeaux (afterwards known as the comte de Chambord), grandson of Charles X of France|Charles X, and when the king abdicated in 1830, Barrande accompanied the royal exiles to England and Scotland, and afterwards to Prague. Settling in that city in 1831, he became occupied in engineering works, and his attention was then attracted to the fossils from the Lower Palaeozoic rocks of Bohemia. The...
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